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Cover letter and CV advice

This section provides guidance on how to successfully apply for your next role. Get your cover letter and CV noticed with these tips on how to compose a winning application
Hiring managers and recruiters don’t always have the time to read every CV they receive, so they often just scan for the ones that stand out. Make sure yours is one of the ones to progress to interview.
Your CV is your first chance to really stand out and catch your prospective employer’s eye. Unfortunately, there are a number of traps that candidates fall into time and time again that make their CV stand out for all the wrong reasons.
We list what the CV you prepare for employers in the Middle East will need to summarise.
Many employers see hundreds of CVs and can easily spot an inconsistency or something to make them suspicious. These are the some of the most common areas of concern for candidates.
A great covering letter can differentiate your CV from the countless others that pass across an employer's desk. Make sure yours stands out.
A great CV can occasionally itself secure you a job, especially if you are applying for temporary work. At the very least, a strong CV will ensure you promote yourself to your best advantage and help secure interviews.
Just because you’ve managed to impress the hiring manager at the interview doesn’t mean you’ve sealed the deal. A bad reference can jeopardise your chances of getting a job offer, even if you’re an ideal candidate for the role.