Eight questions to ask yourself before you relocate for work

Thinking about taking a job in a new area? Or is your boss keen for you to relocate to another office? The prospect of a new career challenge might be extremely inviting, but there are a few things you should consider first.
Below are eight questions to ask yourself before you relocate for work:

1. Do you want to move?

It may sound obvious but you should carefully consider your motivations for relocating; if the only reason you’re doing it is because of internal pressure, there’s more of a chance that you’ll be dissatisfied with the move.

2. What will the work/life balance be?

Take into account things like your daily commute, your working hours and what the area offers in terms of social and leisure activities.

3. What is the cost of living going to be?

As well as prices of everyday items, don’t forget the move itself could be costly. So, even if you’re getting a rise in salary you should take into account all your initial expenses. You should make sure you research the cost of living in your new location including rental prices and the cost of children’s education. If you are moving countries, it is prudent that you research your tax obligations in your new location and also speak to a tax accountant about what tax obligations, if any, you would still be liable for in your original place of residence.

4. Do you have children? What are the schools like?

If you have children, as well as looking into the schools in area, it’s also worth finding out what else there is for them to do, such as social and sporting activities.

5. Who are you leaving behind? 

Do you currently live close to your friends and family? Relocating also has an effect on the people in your life that aren’t moving with you.

6. What does the future of the company look like?

If you’re relocating for a job with a new organisation it’s important you know a bit about their financial position before committing to a move.

7. Is the culture of the new organisation and city a good match for you and your family?

It’s not only job satisfaction that will affect your happiness if you relocate, you should think about how you and your family will fit into the culture of the place. For instance, just because you like going on holiday to somewhere remote doesn’t mean you’ll enjoy working there.

8. If you’re relocating abroad, do you have the right paperwork?

Make sure you’re eligible for a work visa if your new country requires one. Bear in mind that you might not be able to attain a long-term work visa, which may affect your housing situation.
Everyone will have different requirements when relocating for work, so do what’s best for you. If you’re thinking of relocating to the Middle East, check out our article on why the Middle East could be your next career move.