Job search advice

This section covers the basics of the job search process, with insights on career planning and how the Michael Page team can assist you in finding your next role.

Why the Middle East could be your next career move
Read more about why the Middle East could be your next career move.
Six great ways to market yourself
Having the right skills and experience isn’t always enough to secure you the job, you must know how to market yourself effectively to really get noticed.
How to keep motivated in your Middle East job hunt
Retaining momentum and keeping motivated is absolutely crucial if you’re going to find success. Here’s our guide to keeping motivation levels up and staying positive.
Creating your Middle East career plan
Creating a career plan could be helpful in working out your ultimate goal for the future and where you need to place emphasis in the short term.
How to research companies
Before going to your interview, make sure you prepare yourself by finding as much as you can about the hiring organisation. 
Job hunting burnout
An initial burst of energy at the start of a job search can soon be replaced with lethargy if you don’t achieve any positive feedback. That’s when you have to step back, adopt different strategies and persevere.
How we support candidates
Changing jobs can be stressful. The support of a professional and experienced recruitment firm can help make the transition process a smooth one.
Common reasons for rejection
We list the most common reasons employers cite as some of the reasons for rejection. Be careful not to make the same mistakes.
Use social media to boost your job search
Aside from the fact that it’s a free way of reaching and connecting with people, having online presence can give you other career-related advantages.
Relocating is a big decision. And a decision that should be made after careful consideration and research into what the location will have in store for you.