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Attraction and recruitment advice

This section offers attraction and recruitment advice. Check out our handy articles on how to attract the best talent to your business.
Writing an effective job advert not only means you’ll attract the right job seekers, but you’ll also define early on what tasks the successful candidate will be responsible for, who they’ll report to and what the objectives of the role are.
Social media has the power to spread your message and is a tool to be utilised for your benefit. Promote your employer brand by engaging with your clients and customers across social media platforms – it’s cost effective, quick and far-reaching.
Although every candidate will differ in what they look for in an organisation, there are a few things every business can do to appeal to the type of candidate they are seeking.
ConfigureThe pulling power - leveraging your brand image for recruitment.
During and after an interview process, it’s important to treat all candidates with the same level of respect and try to leave a positive lasting impression on those that didn’t make the cut.
Part of having good leadership skills is the ability to build a productive team around you. With a solid group of people, you can achieve your objectives, working with individuals you trust and have the skills to succeed.
With 30 plus years experience and a candidate database that reflects our tenure at the top of the recruitment game, Michael Page has a network of offices that spans the Middle East. You don’t become one of the region's largest recruitment agencies without consistent investment in both candidates and employers. 
Sometimes, the best way to find out how someone is doing in your organisation is to ask their colleagues. This may sound unprofessional but the suggestion here isn’t to wait until the employee leaves the room then start a debate. A 360 degree appraisal uses an anonymous approach to gather information you might not be able to acquire through a standard appraisal.
Test your candidate at interview with a few surprise questions they’re unlikely to have pre-prepared answers to. Behavioural interview questions, when well constructed, can be a very effective tool in getting to know your candidate. 
You’ve been through your CVs, made your shortlist based on skills and experience and now it’s time to interview. Just as a candidate must prepare carefully for an interview, so must the interviewer.