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How to write a job advert

Writing an effective job advert not only means you’ll attract the right job seekers, but you’ll also define early on what tasks the successful candidate will be responsible for, who they’ll report to and what the objectives of the role are.
The essential points to include in a job advert are:
  • Job title and location

Avoid using internal jargon here – use a job title that describes the role but also makes sense to an external audience. If you’re advertising the role online, think about what search terms candidates are likely to use, rather than giving the job an indecipherable, up-titled name. Be as specific as you can with the location.
  • Qualifications and skills required

Where many countries can’t, employers in the Middle East can also specify how many years of experience they require from candidates.
  • Main responsibilities of role

List the tasks the successful candidate will be required to perform on a day-to-day basis and any other roles they might be expected to aid.
  • Who the role reports to/what department it sits in

Line manager and department titles will give candidates a better idea of where their role will fit in the wider business and in the team.
As well as including all the essential information, job adverts are a suitable place to list any desired qualities you have for prospective employees
Taking the time to write an effective job advert means any candidates interested in your job have a clear idea of what your expectations are for any future employees joining your company.

Attract the best candidates

An effective job advert will help you attract top talent. Also, fewer candidates who are under qualified or not suitable for the role will apply. You can effectively eliminate at this stage any candidates who aren’t suitable for the role, saving your time and theirs.
Consider how you’ll present the salary and benefits in your job advert too. While some job adverts don’t include remuneration, an attractive benefits package in a prominent position can sway candidates – you can simply provide a salary range if you don’t want to give the exact number.

Portraying your company’s image

When you write your company description section, it should ideally be dual purpose. You need to convey what your business does and who its customers are, but you also need to be compelling and encourage candidates who share your values to apply. Include any attractive benefits of joining your company too. For instance, are you expanding into new markets?
When you’ve written your job advert it’s time to start thinking about how to conduct an interview.