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Launching Michael Page Digital

Jason Devlin is a Digital Managing Consultant at Michael Page. His role entails heading up end-to-end recruitment for all digital roles and to form new relationships across the region with clients who require quality digital talent to be delivered. In this interview he tells us about his background and his thoughts on the digital landscape.

I like that the digital landscape is constantly evolving and changing. It is interesting to see how digital is transforming almost all aspects of our daily lives, how companies talk to their customers and how customers engage with a business. I like to see how new innovations facilitate this relationship and how this impacts on the way we interact.

From a business perspective, digital transformation is improving the way companies communicate and operate, and I like to be a part of that process. Understanding the bigger picture: analytics, digital marketing, web and mobile platforms, digital products, data and storage, allows me to offer some real practical help to clients regarding their talent needs.
I have always been a bit of a tech geek so recruiting in this space allows me to meet with candidates and clients, and talk about a range of subjects that I find interesting and engaging.

What experience do you have and how has your career developed?

I have always worked within digital. My first job out of university was on the graduate scheme for an international bank in the UK and I was managing a portfolio of eCommerce clients, and found learning about how these businesses operate online very interesting. 
When I moved to the police, I worked on a number of cases involving online fraud and cybercrime which gave me a different slant on how the digital space operates. Then after moving to Dubai in 2013 and beginning my recruitment career I began working on digital marketing roles; SEO, SEM, PPC, programmatic and display were hot topics at the time and that was my first taste of helping build business through digital talent. 
From there the scope of my work grew to accommodate the entire digital sphere; from digital marketing to reach customers, to the web and mobile sites they visit and how they are built, to the way customers interact with the company through the website or social media, and finally to how the customer data is captured, stored and protected. As my career grew so did my knowledge and scope. There are a number of quality publications and blogs that I follow and I will always take time to read up on best practice within the industry from thought leaders. 

What do you think about the digital landscape in the MENA region?

The Middle East is an exciting place to work full stop. If you add growing industries like eCommerce and big data to the mix and a real disparity in the quality of talent, you end up with a very difficult terrain to navigate. Practices here, by and large are not quite as sophisticated as Europe or America so it is a constant challenge to help business find quality talent for key roles.
The level of digital engagement changes massively from company to company so it is vital to gain a real understanding of our clients' business in order to get them the right technical and cultural fit. The digital disruption is in full swing in the GCC and it is a great place to be right now if you’re in digital. 
Jason Devlin
Managing Consultant