Benefits & Corporate Culture attracting the best talent in the Middle East

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Middle East's most sought after benefits

We surveyed over 1,100 candidates in the Middle East to find out their most sought after corporate benefits and perks as well as their opinion when it comes to the corporate culture of a company. Take a look at the insights below to benchmark how your company compares or what benefits to introduce to improve retention and recruitment.


of job seekers believe benefits and perks are important


ask what benefits are offered before joining a company


of job seekers believe the corporate culture of a company is important


research about a company’s corporate culture before joining

Top 3 highlights

Housing Allowance / Company Accomodation

Training Courses / Professional Development

Transport Allowance

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We asked job seekers for their top 3 must haves. These are the benefits they are most likely to value and consider when selecting an employer. If you don’t offer these basics, you may have trouble recruiting and retaining staff.

Additionally we asked if there was any other benefits that would be nice to have. These tend to be less costly, smaller scale benefits. Although they aren’t priorities, offering these benefits in addition to the must haves may give you a unique position and help you stand out from the crowd.

Uncommon benefits
benefits job seekers would like to see introduced in the Middle East

There are a few benefits that are becoming popular overseas but are not common in the Middle East.
We asked employees which they’d most like to see introduced.
Here’s the top 3.

Gym or fitness classes

Attending events allowance / personal branding

Recreational discounts (theme park, restaurants etc.)

The full list of uncommon benefits
job seekers would like to see

Corporate Culture

We asked our candidates to choose attributes that they can associate with a good corporate culture in a company.


Offering popular or unique corporate benefits can make you stand out from the crowd and help you to employ the best talent.
If you're actively recruiting or would like to hear more about these results let us know.

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