Whether you are negotiating your salary in a new job, or you are proposing for a raise in your current role, this discussion needs to be approached in a delicate and well thought out manner. This webinar includes an informative presentation with some guidelines for effective salary negotiation for lawyers, and also includes a live Q&A session featuring Denise Hasircioglu, Managing Consultant, Michael Page Legal, Middle East. She has recruited in the legal discipline for over 5 years.

This webinar was moderated by Ryan Mendonca, founder of the Dubai Legal Professionals - UAE LinkedIn Group, a platform to share industry news and insights to professionals and law students alike in the UAE. Ryan is the Legal Counsel for a UAE based health and fitness startup. He is experienced in research, advisory, strategic & preemptive decision making on matters pertaining to Corporate Law, Real Estate, International Expansion & Dispute Resolution.

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