Why did you choose to do your internship at Michael Page?

Knowing how Michael Page operates and what it does, it appeared to be an excellent opportunity to start my career in recruiting. I am the type of person who is quite competitive by nature and tend to feel monotonous with repetition of tasks. At Michael Page, I enjoy the fact that there’s always a new challenge and I always find myself learning new things especially about the various industries and disciplines that we recruit in.  

Also, after graduating from university, I wasn't quite interested in doing work that did not benefit anyone else except myself. I wanted to make a difference by changing lives, and my internship experience at Michael Page allowed me to match candidates with career opportunities of their interest, supporting them with their career progression.  

How did the Michael Page internship experience benefit you?

I received a lot of exposure considering I worked with many different teams at once. I even interacted with CEOs of multinational companies during the recruitment process! I got to see what goes on behind the scenes with regards to sourcing and placing talent in a job. But, most importantly, the Michael Page internship helped me sharpen my interpersonal and communication skills, as well as my ability to multitask and manage my time better. 

What would you tell someone considering an internship at Michael Page?

It’s a competitive hiring process for the internship program, so if you get the opportunity, take it. You will not only learn about the recruitment process but also gain knowledge about different industries, you will get to network with highly skilled professionals, and also be part of a FTSE 250 organisation.