Job-hunting 'burnout'

Yes, there is such a thing. Job hunters who go a while without success can become tired and stuck in a rut. An initial burst of energy at the start of a job search can soon be replaced with lethargy if you don’t achieve any positive feedback. That’s when you have to step back, adopt different strategies and persevere.


Key words

The first thing to consider is your resume. Are you matching it to each job you apply for? It’s important to match key words from the job description as some companies search for key words online. So if a job description includes words such as  ‘managing teams, ‘strategist’, digital marketing’, make sure those terms are used in your application.


Stay well informed

When you’re out of the daily routine and stuck at home, it’s easy to lose touch with what’s happening in the industry. It’s important you make sure this doesn’t happen.

Keep in touch with ex-colleagues and read industry blogs and journals. When you go to an interview, you’ll be able to talk with more authority and knowledge about your industry.


Keep your skills up-to-date

You need to assess your skills and identify any you’re lacking  - and then do something about it.

Today, there are plenty of online tutorials and training you can do from home – some are even free. The important thing is to use your time wisely and take advantage of all the information that’s out there. We live in a world where so much data is available, so make sure you use it.


Assert yourself

Don’t wait around for opportunity to come knocking. Be assertive and proactive – make things happen. While cold calling potential employers can be intimidating and awkward, it still remains an effective tool. Be persistent and you may get a foot in the door before your competition.


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