Job seekers are always looking at various ways to upskill themselves to stand out from the competition in a time when the supply of talent outweighs the demand. Many professionals have been signing up for webinars and trainings to pick up on skills relevant to their current job, while others are looking at other certifications (for instance, an online TEFL qualification) which enables them to job opportunities on international levels. According to our survey in Q1 2021, 50% of applicants participated in a webinar and a huge 54% took a training course since the start of the pandemic – but not because of the COVID crisis, because they usually take trainings.  

Amidst the pandemic, after an initial slow down, recruitment activity has is picking up significantly. Businesses in the Middle East are ramping up their hiring activity. Many hiring managers are conducting virtual hiring processes using video tools to interview candidates, make hiring decisions and also onboard their new hires. We recommend some considerations for HR, Talent Acquisition and leaders or hiring manages engaged with attracting, onboarding and engaging new employees virtually. 

Set the goal

Essentially, the ground rules for virtual interviews stay the same as in-person interviews. Familiarize the candidate with your company and make them feel welcomed while interviewing. Once your interview is over, ensure you offer the candidate clarity on the next steps with timelines. Upon hiring the new employee, it is important to run through the onboarding process virtually communicating clearly the trainings and tools.

Personalising the virtual interactions

Many HR Managers start the interview before time or early to welcome the new hires. Virtually, they receive the new engagement by making short videos (e.g. welcome message by the CEO), group calls, live Q&A sessions, and welcome emails. 

Think like a new hire

Hiring managers must put themselves in the place of the candidate or the new hire and chart out the hiring process in the most empathetic manner possible. Think about the new hires want to know about the company and the job as well as prepare a set of FAQs that the candidate may want addressed. 

Communicate often and get feedback

Post hiring periodic 30-60-90 day check-ins with new hires must be carried out even virtually. Stay connected through emails and scheduled video calls and maintain a two-way communication. Ask new hires for feedback on their virtual hiring and onboarding process in order to help improve your current one. 

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