Five ways to beat the Monday morning blues

Do you ever get that sinking feeling on a Monday morning when the weekend feels a million miles away? Do you ever start the week feeling that your motivation levels are running on empty? If this sounds like you, here are five ways to help boost your motivation and start the working week with a more positive, driven outlook.

1. Get enough rest

This sounds simple enough, but many people underestimate the value of maintaining regular sleep patterns and getting enough rest. Try to use your weekends wisely to strike a good balance between socialising and recharging your batteries. An early night on a Sunday can make all the difference to your outlook on Monday morning.

2. Know your purpose

Assess the reasons you do the work you do. What makes you care about this job? To feel truly fulfilled, your reasons shouldn’t just revolve solely around your salary and benefits. To keep motivated, you need to understand the true purpose behind your professional efforts.

Perhaps your purpose has shifted recently and maybe you need to think back to the reasons why you chose this career in the first place. If a strong sense of purpose is lacking, what can you do to regain it?

3. Define your career path

To be fully motivated, most people want to have a clear sense of direction and progression in their careers. What is your ultimate goal? What steps do you need to take to get there on a day-to-day basis?

Your employer should help you to understand the options open to you in order to progress within your organisation. In addition, you must be proactive in seeking out training, development and promotion opportunities wherever you can. Clear, appealing future goals are essential to our satisfaction in the here and now.

4. Be specific

If you’re consistently feeling negative about your job, it’s important to assess the root of your unhappiness. Are you feeling stressed and overworked or undervalued and not challenged?

Your lack of motivation may be due to external factors rather than being an unexplained, personal flaw. If you’re experiencing problems in your role or feel there could be changes made for the better, don’t be afraid to express your feeling to your line manager in a professional manner.

If concerns are left unaddressed, they may continue to grow and only add to your disengagement with your work. Employers will want you to be happy, motivated and productive and a good employer should take any issues seriously and help to rectify them with your input.

5. Consider a change

If Monday morning represents an ongoing problem for you, perhaps it’s time to consider a career move. Speaking to a recruitment specialist could help you to identify what you’re looking for in your career. A chat with one of our consultants could help you to take the necessary steps towards achieving job contentment. Get in touch today. If you are looking for a new position, take a look at our job postings. If you choose to apply, one of our expert recruitment consultants will be in touch with relevant opportunities. For more tips on how to better your professional self and your career, have a look at our career advice section now. 


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