Seven CV traps to avoid

Your CV is your first chance to really stand out and catch your prospective employer’s eye. Unfortunately, there are a number of traps that candidates fall into time and time again that make their CV stand out for all the wrong reasons.

Whether you’re looking for jobs in the Middle East or elsewhere in the world, your CV will always be your initial calling card.

Here are a few common pitfalls to be aware of when compiling or reviewing your CV.

1. Too long

Long passages of text are unnecessary and can be off-putting for the reader. Prospective employers will probably receive dozens of applications, so your CV should be easy to scan quickly. Keep it clean, concise and accessible with bulleted text and clearly defined headings.

2. Irrelevant info

Don’t write excessively about a role you did 10 years ago. Focus on your most recent experience and keep the information relevant to the role.

3. Subjective ramblings

Don’t write lengthy, subjective passages about how well you could do the role. The skills and experience listed on your CV should do the talking as they offer a more objective view of your suitability.

4. Overly creative

Don’t be tempted to get too creative with your CV. Injecting a little personality into your CV is one thing, but coloured paper and unusual fonts are another. A fussy, cluttered CV can look unprofessional, so try to keep it cleanly presented with a consistent font and font sizes used throughout.

5. Jargon heavy

Keep your language clear, easy to understand and to the point. Don’t assume that your employer will always understand niche acronyms and terminology. Particularly if you’re applying for a Middle East job from elsewhere in the world, be sure to explain any titles, abbreviations, and acronyms that are not universally recognised.

6. Mystery gaps

Check through all the dates of your training and past experience. Don’t leave unexplained gaps in your CV as it could cause concern for an employer. It’s perfectly acceptable if you have a genuine gap in your employment history for a specified reason – not just because you’ve got your dates confused.

7. Lies and embellishments

Never lie or over-exaggerate on your CV as it will only make for an awkward interview.


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