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Saudi Arabia’s quest to rapidly diversify its economy away from oil, create jobs, and boost its international standing as a leading hub for trade and tourism resulted in 8.7% GDP growth in 2022 according to data released by the General Authority for Statistics (GASTAT). The Kingdom currently has 15 mega-projects in development, the ambition of which promises to transform the country into a global economic powerhouse in the next ten years, as part of the Vision2030 initiative.

Projects like NEOM, Red Sea, Mukaab, Amaala, Qiddiya, Diriyah and Roshn all promise to push the boundaries of innovation in Property and Construction on a global level. Recently, Arabian Business reported that Saudi Arabia and the UAE are leading the Middle East Construction sector with a total pipeline of $1.36tn in projects under development. The Kingdom is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to attracting top global talent to execute its planned projects. According to Bloomberg, Q4 2022 demonstrated a growth of 6% in the non-oil economy - the engine of job creation - as opposed to predictions of 5.6%. So, not only is Saudi Arabia on track, but it is also officially a hot-bed of opportunities for candidates around the world looking to make their next big career move. 

If you are an ambitious candidate in the Property and Construction sector with the aim of making your mark on the global stage, Saudi Arabia is the place to be. The sheer scale of the country’s vision combined with PIF's extensive financial support for the sector, makes it the perfect playground to unleash your potential and be part of a movement that's set to put the Kingdom on the map.

Below is a quick run-through of why career opportunities in Saudi Arabia should be on your radar:

Prospects, Opportunities & Compensation

Most of the projects announced under Vision2030 are being planned and executed for the very first time in the world. In order to realize the technology and infrastructure that is required for these projects, Saudi Arabia is heavily investing in global talent by offering generous relocation packages including benefits which include allowances for housing, transportation, and education, to name a few. As the largest economy in the Middle East (reported by the IMF), opportunities in the country are abundant across a range of sectors. The fact that Saudi Arabia is a tax-free country means that the average take home for candidates in the Property and Construction sector has the potential to be much higher than most other countries. 

Diversity & Cultural Experience

Saudi Arabia has been a popular option for expats moving in from neighboring countries since the before the 90s, but recent reforms have accelerated this more, thereby attracting even more nationalities from around the world. The result is a diverse mix of cultures which not only increases exposure at work but also creates opportunities for a global social network. Interaction with multi-national companies that operate in the country also ensures that expats are continuously in touch with global markets and trends.  

Saudi Arabia has a rich history and culture to share with the rest of the world and this is at the forefront of the country’s cultural reforms.  Development of destinations like Al Ula, introduction of music festivals that are at par with global events, increased promotion of arts and culture in the community, and heavy investments into the revamp of historical districts for recreation are all excellent examples of Saudi Arabia diversifying the country's cultural experience. 

Standard of Living and Lifestyle

In addition to benefiting from modern infrastructure, world class health facilities and the rich culture scene, expats get to enjoy sunshine all year round, made even better with the availability of luxurious beach resorts across the country. With an increasing number of global restaurant names and lifestyle brands establishing outposts in Saudi Arabia, the options for retail and leisure available in the Kingdom are second to none. The country is also home to several expatriate communities, making it easy for newcomers to settle in, especially if they secure accommodation in residential compounds. Saudi Arabia has a reputation for being safe and secure due to its strict laws and regulations, making it a family friendly expatriate hub as well as a safe destination for female expats. 

Saudi Arabia’s diverse landscape provides extensive opportunities for expats to try out new experiences without even leaving the country. From Jeddah’s blissful beaches, the mountain peaks of Taif, all the way to the splendor of Al Ula, and the dazzling nightlife of Riyadh, the options for entertainment are infinite. Saudi Arabia’s strategic location also makes it a perfect base to travel internationally, with destinations in Europe, Africa, the Far East, only a few hours away by plane.

In order to make an informed decision about your potential move to Saudi, it is also important to take the following into consideration: 

Competition & Commitment

Like every other booming economy, the Saudi market is becoming increasingly competitive. Global talent from around the world is looking for new opportunities in Saudi Arabia and only bringing their best to the table. The Property and Construction projects currently under development in the Kingdom are unlike anything that we have seen on a global scale given their future forward nature. Candidates of any discipline looking to work in this sector in Saudi Arabia need to be prepared for roles that are demanding, require high levels of performance, dedication, and constant innovation.

Culture & Communication

Arabic is the official language of Saudi Arabia and while many professionals speak fluent English, expats might need some assistance for official government communication. It is also important to note that despite recent reforms, the country still adheres to a code of conduct culturally in areas of social norms, dress codes and gender segregation. 

What's Next?

Currently, the country’s most in demand roles in the Property and Construction sector include Design Managers, Architecture Director, Project Managers, Facility Managers, and Real Estate Development Officers to name a few. Making a career move to Saudi Arabia in any of these roles can be a life-changing experience, full of opportunities for personal and professional growth. With tax-free income, generous benefits, a growing economy, a rich cultural experience, career development opportunities, safety and security, and a high standard of living, Saudi Arabia is the ideal setting for ambitious skilled candidates that are ready for a challenge and eager to be a part of the country’s greatest adventure yet.

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