Common reasons for rejection

There can be a number of reasons why you failed an interview. It could be that there were people better qualified or more experienced than you. However, there can be other factors and below are the most common reasons employers cite as some of the reasons for rejection. Be careful not to make the same mistakes.

Email blunders

Not attaching your CV to your email is a careless mistake people often make.

Overly long CVs

Nobody wants to read a 10-page resume full of unnecessary detail. Ideally, your CV should be no more than two pages.

Lack of research

Employers expect candidates to know something about the company they’re applying to work for. Arriving at an interview without any knowledge of the company is not an option.


There are no excuses for arriving late for an interview. The impression given is so damaging, it’s likely to cost you the job. Give yourself plenty of time.

Not giving an employer what they ask for

Most employers have their favoured way of handling recruitment. Some have their own application forms, others may ask for work samples. Whatever they ask for in the job ad, make sure you provide it as failure to do so shows that you haven’t read the ad properly.

First impressions

They do count for a lot, so be sure you’re not late for the interview. Your punctuality and reliability will be called into question even before you’ve started the interview. If you’re late, your chances of landing the job are greatly reduced.

Dress properly

How you present yourself for the interview is important. Dress as you would for work; professionally and well groomed.

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