Before appearing for your job interview, make sure you prepare yourself by finding as much as you can about the hiring organisation. There are numerous sources of information about nearly every company. Information is on the internet, in the library, in shops, in databases and available from the recruitment company (if the job has been sourced through an agency).

In particular, the internet should give you a wealth of information about the company and the industry in which the company operates. Most industries also have trade publications, so have a read through these publications to gain knowledge about the industry and current trends and issues that they face.

Interview research tips:

  • Call the company/agency and request sales literature, annual reports, technical information, product brochures, information and so on.
  • Visit the company website, spend time looking at financial information and gaining a good understanding of what the company does, and their goals and values.
  • If available, also access the press gallery/newsroom section of the website. This will give you articles from the media and insightful information about the company. It will also ensure you are aware of recent press releases involving the company.
  • If the company website does not have a press section, access information online through Google. Alternatively, log on to news media sites, such as The Financial Times website, and run a search on the company.

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