Creating a LinkedIn profile from scratch requires meticulous effort. But, with vigour and some strategy, your LinkedIn profile could be ready and rolling in no time.

The action guide below by professional CV writer Shabbir Kagalwala stresses on how you can effectively revamp your LinkedIn page with 7 pragmatic to-dos. 


First things first, get your professional picture taken and upload it to your LinkedIn account. Pictures scream a thousand words, so when you add a photograph to your profile, it aids recruiters to retain your picture and when you show up for the interview, your picture clicks into place and they can retrieve your profile easily. Remember to name your picture: “First_name_Last_name_current_job_post_years_of_work_experience”, so when somebody runs a search with one of the above keywords your face is likely to pop-up on their screens. The only conditions - don formals, and don’t forget to smile.


Your headline is the most visible section of your LinkedIn profile. It should cardinally consist of your present job, core competencies, strengths and soft skills. Optimise all the 120 characters by adding keywords, employable skills and noteworthy designations that will open up opportunities for getting noticed by the recruiter or HR.


Brevity in your summary portrays how well you get the gist of your professional voyage across to recruiters or talent acquisition professionals. The summary is the next eye-catcher after the headline that has an enduring impact on the recruiter. To make it compelling, be sure to optimise on industry buzzwords and key technical expertise. Give prominence to your strengths and innate abilities. Accentuate your workplace panache by employing persuasive storytelling. However, limit all of the above within the range of 2000 characters, and through your choice of words, rhapsodise a gripping pitch to the recruiter, as if face-to-face. 


It is paramount to type out every stint you’ve undertaken throughout the course of your career. So listing your work experience from the first job you reminisce down to your contemporary denomination, falls next in the trajectory to revamp your LinkedIn profile. Emphasize your accomplishments to complement the work experience in your corresponding firm(s) for added sublimity.


The one thing you do not want to do is dwell in the solitude of your professional field. Distancing yourself from influential people is practically jeopardising your career. Influencers and VIP’s are just a connection request away, so showcase your prodigious strength and build enduring connections with them. Connect with people in your circle but also heed those you aren’t acquainted with. They might give your profile a view and even consider referring you to their colleagues or superiors. Connections instantly up your ranking on LinkedIn and all you have to do is make a cursory effort.  


Influencers, Managers, CEO’s, CFO’s, and basically anyone dubbed a haughty superlative gets the most number of views on his/her LinkedIn profile. Recommending these notable profiles is one of the canny routes to getting signed in the VIPs’ good books. So take the time out to write a few concise, quick-witted sentences to recommend your boss or any authoritative figure. If they know you well, 99% of the time, they will do the same for you and having your superior recommend on your forte will unequivocally interest your recruiter.


Doing anything devoid of a fixed purpose on LinkedIn- even so much as liking or replying to a post, is detrimental to your self-image and reputation that you have meticulously nurtured. In the “Your Articles & Activity” section of your LinkedIn profile, the recruiter can view the posts that you’ve liked or commented on and accordingly sift through your interests. Like as many relevant posts that you can, and with that leave a bright, ignited piece of your mind. It could, however, leave a bad impression if you troll or offend people on the website, so steer clear of commenting anything that may be even mildly controversial.

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