The UAE government’s Emiratisation programme has gained significant impetus in 2021. There are many opportunities for UAE Nationals across different sectors and disciplines albeit still heavily weighted across the public sector. 
However, on 12 September 2021, the UAE government announced it will spend $6.5 billion to attract Emiratis into private sector jobs. This is a huge announcement, an initiative of the ‘Projects of the 50’ strategy. The government aims to engage 75,000 Emiratis in private sector jobs over the next five years.    
Following two announcements earlier this year - the launch of the Emirati Human Resources Development Council and increasing the Emiratisation quota within banking – the latest announcement does not as a surprise to the private sector at large. Emiratisation targets for the private sector starting with 2% of Emiratis in skilled roles, rising in scale to a 10% Emirati contribution over the coming five years.  

This will have a huge impact on the recruitment market. Samantha Wright, Managing Consultant – Emiratisation at Michael Page shares, “I have started to see an increase of private sector companies seeking consultative advice on UAE National hiring, salary levels and general information about the Emirati candidate market – I expect this only to increase following the latest announcement.” 
Yet again, we see the UAE paving the way, post pandemic, further driving and developing the economy announcing some genuinely purposeful initiatives for UAE Nationals, including monthly salary top ups, a child allowance scheme and an unemployment benefit. Also, important to note, are the subsidies granted to private sector organisations that hire UAE National talent which Samantha specifies to include, “a pension programme that will bring the first-year cost of Emirati pensions down to zero, as well as future support for the employer to help pay for the costs over five years, as well as contributions to the recruitment and training costs of Emirati graduates.”
Graduate unemployment with the market is a current concern, many told that they are under or over-qualified. This latest scheme aims to open a lot of doors for the youth of the UAE, helping alleviate any concerns UAE nationals may have about joining private sector entities.  

“In my opinion, there needs to be joint effort” adds Samantha, “Government schemes together with Emiratis having an open mind to working within the private sector, understanding the career benefits of doing so, including international exposure, multicultural working environments and strong training programmes, along with private sector investing in local talent.” 

The UAE Government is simply looking after their highly educated and skilled nationals, in an effort to further protect and promote the long-term future progress of the country. 
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