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Olayan Group

Founded in 1947, The Olayan Group is a private, multinational enterprise with diverse commercial and industrial operations in the Middle East and an actively managed portfolio of international investments.
The commercial side of the Group comprises more than 40 companies and is centred in Saudi Arabia, where the Group originated. They are engaged in distribution, manufacturing and services. Many of these companies operate in partnership with leading multinational or regional firms. Some have operations in other Gulf countries and the wider Middle East.
With offices in Saudi Arabia, Europe and the US, the Group’s global investment team focuses on public and private equities, real estate, fixed income securities and other specialised assets.
Olayan Group’s employee promise is:
We create an environment in which employees can reach their maximum potential and we respect cultural and individual diversity.


Our name is our greatest asset. We protect it. We conduct our business with integrity.


We aim high and strive to be leaders in our field. We value professionalism.


We encourage initiative and accept that mistakes may be made.


We encourage frequent, open, and candid communication within and across all business units and organizations.


We are committed to the development and well-being of the communities and environment in which we operate.


We will do better tomorrow what we do well today. Teamwork is essential. We reward superior performance.


We give people the authority and resources required to achieve their business objectives. Each employee is accountable for the achievement of his individual and team objectives.
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