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    Discover how workers really feel about salaries, company culture, and AI – and why employers are facing an Expectation Gap as a result.

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    The rapid wage growth we saw coming out of the pandemic is slowing down globally, but this isn’t deterring workers in their demands for higher salaries. How realistic is a raise?


    Work-life balance is not a ‘nice to have’, but a ‘need to have’. Workers also have concerns about inclusivity and discrimination. How can companies create a culture that works for all?


    Speculation has been rife on how AI will transform jobs and sectors in the future – but its impact is already being felt. Is uncertainty over new technology causing tension?

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  • Nick Kirk

    Nick Kirk

    CEO, PageGroup

    An Expectation Gap has emerged in the workplace, with significant implications if you are looking to hire or retain talent.

    Workers have a growing list of demands, stretching far beyond competitive salaries and flexibility. Their employers are facing multiple pressures in a rapidly evolving business environment.

    How can both sides meet in the middle?

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