8th  June, Wednessday at 12pm AST 

In 2016, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia embarked on a journey towards a sustainable future; this socio-economic reform not only focuses on diversifying the pillars that contribute to its GDP but is focused on building a vibrant society.

Whilst the Kingdom’s diversification measures are evident, the inclusion of women in these industries has become imperative. Women are a vital part of the Vision and since it's inception, Saudi Arabia ranked the highest among the economies that exhibited the progressive measures among women in the workforce and various spheres of life (World Bank report: Business and the Law 2020).

In our expert-led webinar, we have senior women leading top firms in Saudi Arabia discuss the evolution their respective industry has seen since the Vision 2030 and the role of women in that respect. 

Our expert speakers will cover several key topics, including:

  • Vision 2030: Hospitality and Chemical industry updates
  • Instilling Gender equality as a value not a KPI
  • Women empowerment: The inception and journey

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