Whether it’s a phone interview or a meeting in person, good preparation can really help you to put in a star performance. Most people realise there’s a need for interview preparation, but some candidates don’t really know where to start. The top Middle East jobs can be highly competitive, so you’ll want to give yourself the very best chance of success by feeling sufficiently prepared.

Carrying out robust preparation should help you to give well-informed, well-structured answers, as well as making you feel more calm and confident.

If you have an interview on the horizon, here are a few top tips to help you prepare.

  • Know the company’s history, when was it formed? What does it specialise in? Does it have an international presence?
  • Look up any recent developments and projects. Has it won awards recently? Is there an exciting project in the pipeline?
  • Find out who is interviewing you - what’s their job title and remit?
  • Read through all sections of the company website, paying close attention to the areas that are relevant to your role.
  • Re-familiarise yourself with the job description and person specification. Ensure you have examples at the ready that match with the criteria outlined.
  • Try to get a sense of their company culture. This could be by talking to a current/ex-member of staff, if you have access to someone who could give you an insider’s view.
  • Follow the organisation on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to get up-to-the minute news as well as a sense of the brand’s personality.
  • Think of a few scenarios from your past jobs that demonstrate the qualities and experience required for the role.  Make sure you have these succinct, relevant examples at the forefront of your mind.
  • Your employer will undoubtedly ask if you have any questions towards the end of your interview. Try to prepare a couple of questions to ask them to show that you’re keen and interested in the role.

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