Businesses are slowly preparing to reopen offices gradually and start their return to “normality”. However, there are numerous measures employers need to take in order to avoid unnecessary risks and stay safe.

We have compiled a list of steps to take when your employees return to the office, which will hopefully make the period as smooth as possible, and help you bounce back from the crisis.

First and foremost be vigilant and ready to adapt to the constantly evolving situation. Michael Page always follows the joint directives and recommendations from the government.

Facilities Management:

  • Routinely clean and disinfect: All frequently touched surfaces can be wiped down by employees before each use

  • Provide kit for employees such as mask, hydroalcoholic solution, gloves etc.

Social distancing plan:

  • Try to maintain home-office when possible

  • Consider allowing employees to return to work on a voluntary basis for the first weeks of reopening

  • Consider having employees return to work on staggered schedules or shifts to avoid overcrowding the office

  • Reorganize the sitting plan and office structures

  • Ask employees to take personal responsibility for sanitation, even if it is not among their normal duties

Remote Work:

  • Ask for feedback and evaluate what worked and what did not during periods of teleworking

  • Continue conducting meetings via video and discourage face-to-face meetings unless necessary

  • With schools and other childcare facilities making independent decisions on reopening keep the option open to continue working from home for working parents 

Communication and Training:

  • Share successes and achievements in this period and do not underestimate motivating employees

  • Train managers and employees on new policies and procedures

  • Identify staff members responsible for implementing plan and monitoring compliance

  • Name a person to whom employee questions and concerns may be directed

  • Be sure your plan addresses the mental health and offer information and support

Anticipate :

  • Create a review and revise pandemic plan to prepare for a second wave of shutdowns or future pandemics

  • Create quick close procedures to shut down the office in the event the reopening fails, or the virus reoccurrence forces new closures

  • Create planning materials that could be used if there is a second wave of infections and closures

  • Benchmark: allow yourself time to observe, exchange with other companies, industries to learn other practices

  • Be coordinated with other enterprises sharing the same premises or building as well as your landlord

For more advice around going back to the office we are at your disposal should you need any support.

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