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The benefits of registering with Michael Page

If you register with Michael Page International we can offer you a range of benefits:
  • Michael Page consultants are available from early in the morning to late in the evening, allowing full access for advice, an initial consultation or registration at a time suitable to the candidate
  • is available 24-7-365 for initial registration, job searching or job-hunting advice. You can also register for Job Alerts to receive new vacancies via email
  • You'll find jobs that are exclusively available through us
  • Michael Page consultants are experts in their chosen discipline and some have a background in your chosen field, providing you with valuable insights and empathy
  • Your Michael Page consultant will ensure that constructive feedback is extracted, communicated and learned from following each and every interview.This, together with specific interview coaching and tailored CV presentation ensures that you're presented most effectively
  • You will receive a full briefing before each arranged interview, covering not just the company and the role but also the backgrounds and personalities of the interviewers
  • Medium and long term action plans can be discussed and formulated with a Michael Page consultant, who will have had the benefit of examining closely all the possible routes to success. Sometimes the best advice is to stay put
  • Michael Page consultants do not earn commission, allowing them to take an objective view on the right opportunities for their candidates
  • Michael Page consultants are experienced in negotiating contract terms and, with their in-depth knowledge of local market conditions, can help both sides reach a fair conclusion
  • Your Michael Page consultant is on hand to advise on salary trends, market conditions and the impact of legislative change
  • You'll pay nothing - from registration all the way through to placement
Of course, to obtain the most from your Michael Page consultant you must give a full and frank account of your aspirations, strengths and weaknesses, previous earnings and motivations - to a greater extent than to almost anyone else. This often leads to a strong bond of mutual trust, respect and friendship that lasts for an entire career.