Michael Page’s CFO & Financial Leadership Barometer is a unique study of 2,847 financial leaders that independently analyses key trends in financial leadership around the world. It takes a look at issues such as the increasing complexity of the role of a financial leader and the greater focus on value creation. It reveals the way in which financial leaders are moving towards being leaders of change, not just within their own function but in driving the organisation as a whole. View our one minute factsheet or the full report to find out more.

Compensation and Benefits Highlights;

What do financial leaders around the world earn? What’s the average annual bonus for CFOs worldwide? How much can financial leaders expect to see their salary rise during their career? 
Our CFO Barometer Factsheet brings to light variations in compensation and benefits according to region, gender and size of employing company.

One minute summary

What priorities have CFOs and financial leaders set for the next 12 months? What changes do they envisage? How happy are they in their current position? What is the scope of today’s financial leader? Download our one minute summary to find out.

Full report

Download our 28 page CFO & Financial Leadership Barometer report for an in-depth look at the findings from our global study.