Two years ago, the retail banks realised that they could not grow organically fast enough through internal promotions to keep up with market demands. Visualising the 'banking floor' as a retail environment, key retailer staff were induced to bring their experience into a number of the biggest players in the retail banking arena. With transferable skills in sales, customer service and people management, retailer staff continue to be a good fit for these organisations

Why move into financial services?

Candidates move from retail into financial services for various reasons that normally include the following:
  • The opportunity to work in a different arena but utilising their current skills
  • To broaden their experience in a retail service environment from a product retailing environment
  • Opportunity at a late date to move into other areas outside of branch/area type roles
  • To benefit from a more 'Sunday to Thursday' work environment

Opportunities remain

If you are currently working in a retail environment and have excellent communication skills, a proven track record in either people management or sales you may want to join the other retailer staff moving to banks. Opportunities exist on a number of levels; from cashiers, through to sales advisors, branch managers and beyond. 
The recruitment processes are challenging but the rewards are certainly worth the effort. If you want to succeed in a corporate environment, and are looking for a career that encourages training and development, then you may want to browse the job opportunities online to see if there are jobs in your area.