Reasons to consider living and working in Saudi Arabia

In addition to the work opportunities, there are many other advantages to consider when deciding whether to take on an expat role in Saudi Arabia.

1. Earnings

The number one reason many expats consider moving to Saudi Arabia is the financial prospects. Salaries are tax free; that’s a huge incentive considering in many countries you can expect to pay taxes worth up to 40-50% of your earnings. Savings will be easier as the salaries are higher here than in most parts of the world.

2. Career 

Having overseas work experience in your CV showcases to employers your ability to work in other cultures and learn how to do business in other places. Saudi Arabia can be one of the hardest places to do business, but also one of the most rewarding experiences. Employers will look upon that with great interest as you demonstrate your adaptability and global business skills.

3. Weather

Saudi Arabia gets generous sunlight all year round. For three or four months of the year, it's too hot to really go outside, but air-conditioning helps one cope. In the remaining months, you can enjoy outdoor living, beaches, pools, etc. The summers are long and hot, but manageable; with holidays at home/overseas, you can break it up whilst you wait for the cooler weather to return. 

4. Lifestyle

The standard of living is high in Saudi Arabia, as the cost of living is low. It is very common for expats to enlist the services of drivers, maids, nannies, and gardeners. While these things depend on your preferences, many expats enjoy a good lifestyle. 

5. Travel

Saudi Arabia is a central location for many top travel destinations. The world’s busiest airport, Dubai International Airport, is only a two-hour flight away from Riyadh. The national carrier Saudi Airlines offers world class standards of safety and comfort. 

6. Shopping

New malls are opening on a regular basis offering consumers the biggest brands and modern retail experience. The Mall at Kingdom Centre located in Riyadh for instance, offers extensive shopping options.

7. Food and drink

One can enjoy a high-quality dining experience and quality cuisines. Eating out is a cultural experience and everything from affordable to luxurious is available. Saudi cuisine is rich and flavourful. An authentic Arabic experience includes mint tea and shisha.  

8. Culture

In addition to experiencing the local cultures and learning about the famous Arabic hospitality, you will quickly learn how welcoming and friendly Saudis can be. There are some interesting places to visit in Saudi itself. Saudi Arabia is as diverse in its landscapes as it is in its culture and traditions, from desert fortresses and mountain ranges, to magnificent fish and coral reefs.


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