Keeping your staff motivated is an important part of any manager’s job. To get the most out of an individual or team, they must be enthusiastic about the job they’re doing and the company they work for. Here are some ideas on how you might motivate your staff and maintain morale:

Food brings people together

Taking your team out for lunch is a great way to lift the spirits. It gives staff something to look forward to and is a chance for people to get to know each other in an informal setting. Just make sure the food is something everyone will enjoy and suitable for all cultures within your team - be aware of any religious festivals such as Ramadan in which people may be required to fast.

Teambuilding days

Teambuilding exercises are a good idea because they bring staff together and foster good working relationships. The staff will also appreciate your going to the trouble of organizing the activity.

Public praise

A Manager who only points out errors or poor performance and forgets to praise, risks damaging morale. Pats on the back are always well received so when a team member performs, make sure they know about it. It’s even better to congratulate that person in front of their colleagues and will go a long way to boosting employee self-esteem and confidence. Don’t hold back in praising the efforts of your staff!

A job title means a lot

It costs nothing to improve someone's title but it may mean a great deal to them. A new title can make people feel valued and better prepared to take on more responsibility.

Set an example

As a senior figure, you need to lead the way. If your timekeeping and attitude are exemplary, then your staff are more likely to follow suit.

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