Call your consultant at the first opportunity! Whether it’s good news or not, we can move forward together.

Second interview

In the majority of cases we’ll have achieved a good client to candidate fit and you’ll be keen to progress to the second interview. Ensure you are as well prepared for this as you were for the first; rehearse your responses and re-focus on those positive attributes.

Your resignation

You’ve got the offer, our consultant has negotiated you the best, possible deal and you’ve accepted! Next step? You need to hand in your resignation to your current employer, seeing out any period of notice written into your contract.
This may be a bitter sweet moment, but focus on the positives and be cautious of any buy-back offers from your current employer – statistics suggest you won’t stay for more than six months unless you’re offered an entirely new role.

Maintain contact

Questions about the new role? Feeling anxious about working your notice period? Change can be stressful but don’t stew in your own juice, give your consultant a call to talk things through.


After a settling-in period your consultant will call to make sure everything is hunky-dory. If you want to voice some concerns within the first few days, don’t hesitate to initiate contact.