Historically a PA would work on a 1:1 basis with a senior member of staff. Today, as professionals become more IT literate, this role increasingly encompasses event management, research and ad hoc projects.


A secretary may provide support to a team or work on a 1:1 basis, depending on the company. Their responsibilities include managing diaries, making travel arrangements and some reception duties.
Team Secretary
Whether they’re responsible for a small team or an entire department, the Team Secretary will have multitasking down to a fine art.
Junior Secretary
This is an entry level role for Secretaries who have just competed formal secretarial training – usually a one to two year course.


Office Manager
This is a very broad title, often adopted by Assistants to the CEO of a small to medium sized business. Responsibilities include facilities and property management, recruiting new staff, overseeing support functions and handling health and safety matters. In larger corporations it may also include budget responsibilities.
Research Assistant
Research Assistants are proficient in the use of PowerPoint, Excel, Reuters and DataStream software packages. Highly numerate, they also have the commercial acumen to develop client relationships.
Desk Assistant
Responsible for both operational and administrative support, Desk Assistants are based on the Trading Floor. Highly numerate, commercially astute and frequently bi-lingual, they cope with immense pressure to support their team.
Salaries for this role vary greatly due to the broad application of the title. Duties are likely to include data entry, filing and general office admin. Senior administrators may supervise specific areas such as HR and IT.


Reception Supervisor
This is the most senior Receptionist role and calls for someone capable of setting the standard for their team. Duties typically include buying uniforms, organising shifts and trouble shooting.
Receptionists create that all important first impression. It’s a pivotal role within any business, requiring impeccable customer service and communication skills.
Front of House
This role differs from that of a Receptionist in that it requires little or no answering of phones. Many Hospitality, Financial Services and Retail businesses have their phones answered behind the scenes and depend on Front of House to meet and greet their clients. Enthusiastic and always impeccably turned out, a flair for languages would be to their advantage.
Switchboard Operator
This is a full-scale and frequently shift based communications role. Usually working behind the scenes, a Switchboard Operator must possess the resilience and flexibility to cope with a very high volume of calls.