First impressions count – and bearing in mind that only 7% of what you say makes an impact, what you wear (and how you wear it) is of vital importance. You should always wear a suit to interview, whether you perceive the environment to be corporate or not; invest in a dark-coloured one and this will see you through even the most gruelling round of interviews. Your consultant will be able to advise on the dress code of an organisation when you start, but employers tend to appreciate a well turned out candidate, particularly on the first day!
And flip flops? While they are a blessing during the commute, they can be a source of controversy in the workplace. Go for a small peep toe rather than strappy sandals and if you’ve got some spare cash, invest in a pedicure. Or make like the girls at Page Personnel Secretarial and keep your work shoes under your desk!
You might be tempted to leave your jacket at home but this is an essential item in many offices. If you’re in a more casual office, a cardigan or twin set can make a good alternative. Sleeveless tops, spaghetti straps and plunging necklines are to be avoided.