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Staying calm on the big day

While nerves are healthy, the more prepared you are, the less you will have to be nervous about. The following tips should prove useful:
  • Arrive with time to spare. Memorise your route to the office. If you’re delayed for any reason, be sure to notify the company or your consultant immediately.
  • Go for a coffee or juice beforehand and use this as an opportunity to focus. Visualise the interview being a success, or maybe try some meditative breathing - the ‘7/11’ technique recommends 7 seconds in, 11 out.
  • Come dressed appropriately. The interviewer will expect to see you in professional attire.
  • Ensure a firm handshake and smile on first meeting and maintain a comfortable level of eye contact throughout.
  • Now is your opportunity to bring all that preparation into play. Demonstrate the knowledge you have gained about the company; ask about career progression but don’t let that eclipse your enthusiasm for the current position.
  • If you have any reservations about the role or company, don’t express them in the interview! Your Page Personnel Secretarial consultant will be happy to listen and offer advice.