Tell us about your PageGroup career so far

I joined PageGroup in 2006 in the Edinburgh Office where I recruited for Finance & Accounting. Following 2 successful years, I decided I wanted to take my career internationally. I met with the PageGroup teams in Italy and Dubai, making the decision to relocate to the UAE. I arrived in the Middle East in November 2008, initially to set up the Procurement & Supply Chain business. Over the following 10 years I was asked to run all our technical practices in the region which alongside Procurement & Supply Chain included Technology, Engineering & Manufacturing, and Property & Construction. In 2018, I was asked to lead our Saudi Arabia practice across all disciplines given the transformation taking place in the Kingdom aligned with the Vision 2030. In the last two years, we have built the team to a headcount of 20 and sold our first and second RPO in Saudi Arabia.   

Why did you join PageGroup?

Having graduated in 2004, I decided I wanted to pursue a career in sales. I had friends that worked in recruitment and felt this would be well suited to what I was looking for. I chose PageGroup because when I met them, they approached it from a career perspective rather than how much money could be made - which is what I found other agencies focused on! I was also sold on the opportunity to move internationally, and after 7 interviews I joined the company in Jan 2006.

What are your career aspirations with the Group?

To be the first Managing Director of Michael Page Saudi Arabia and open our first office in the Kingdom! I have now been with the business for over 14 years and my role has constantly evolved every 2 years. The business is constantly giving me new challenges which has kept me engaged, motivated and driven over this long period of time.

What is most rewarding about your job?

I love the entrepreneurial side of the role, particularly the building and developing of new businesses. I've done a number of start-ups in my time with the business and I find it extremely rewarding to see a business grow from the ground up.

Do you have any advice to anybody thinking about joining PageGroup?

If you're looking for an organisation that is entrepreneurial, fast paced, exciting and offers you an international career then PageGroup is the right place for you. The key is to be motivated, driven, resilient, flexible and tenacious. As a multinational FTSE 250 listed business PageGroup will offer you all the tools, training, and development you require to be successful in recruitment, but the motivation and drive must come from you!