Why did you choose to do your internship at Michael Page?

Having completed my graduation in Human Resources, I wanted to pursue a career in one of its core disciplines – recruitment - and specialize in it. During my job search, Michael Page stood out as it is one of the world’s leading recruitment companies. Being situated in DIFC, it was the perfect opportunity to gain work experience within a corporate environment and develop my skills. Additionally, I was briefed on the 6-month internship program by the Talent Acquisition Lead during a Career Day at my university which further elevated my interest in the company.

How did you benefit from your stint as an intern?

It helped me improve my communications, professional and research skills. The internship taught me how to pay attention to detail and present information in the best way possible. Additionally, it also gave me a good overview and feel of a corporate environment.

What would you tell someone considering an internship opportunity at Michael Page?

Take it. It’s a great place to start your career and an excellent brand to have on your CV.