Tell us about your PageGroup career so far

I joined Michael Page after nearly two and half years in internal recruitment in Saudi Arabia.  In fact I was a client for a short while whilst there, so I had first-hand experience of being on the other side of Michael Page service and it the professionalism resonated with how I used to operate in the UK, before moving in-house. 

I was brought to MP Middle East to re-launch and grow the Technology Discipline in the UAE and KSA as I’d grown a successful Analytics & Technology team in the UK for a smaller company.  What I didn’t realise at the time was the IT market in the region had taken a massive hit by the economic issues and there was very little recruitment happening within the space. I adapted to the market and started recruiting Change Management professionals within Technology on a contract basis – something we hadn’t done before and thankfully my Director Domenic, as well as senior leadership were patient with me going through some difficult months while I learned and developed the market.

The patience paid off as after a few difficult quarters the market started turning and all of the hard work put in over building the right relationships, combined with a new colleague coming in to help drive business development has taken the team to massive success.  YTD (April) we are already up on the full year’s revenue for last year, we won team of the quarter, I won Consultant of the quarter and the team has grown again with another very promising new colleague.

Why did you join PageGroup? 

My very positive experience of MP as a client helped me understand the calibre of service which is provided and the partnership, consultative approach is how I always operated myself personally throughout my years of recruitment.

In addition to this, I enjoy Technology and the opportunity to take the lead in developing the most exciting discipline in a region with immense potential was very exciting.  I knew I wanted to be in Dubai, although I didn’t know I wanted to work at Michael Page until I spoke with the senior leadership here (Domenic my Director and Leith, our MD).  As soon as that happened I rejected all other offers and it was the best decision I’ve made in my professional life.

What are your career aspiration with PageGroup?

Currently my main aspiration is to continue developing this market here as there is so much potential.  I want to continue growing the team and see a very big opportunity to make Michael Page the biggest name in Tech recruitment across the Middle East.

After that, if I ever feel the desire to leave Dubai – which I can’t really see happening for a very long time, I’d look to transfer within PageGroup to Asia where there’s also a growing market in Technology.  Thankfully this is a great organisation with reasonably consistent practices around the world so an international transfer is most likely the only way I would want to go abroad.

What is most rewarding about your job?

I’m sure every Recruiter will tell you that filling a job is very rewarding.  Whether it’s one of those long, drawn-out processes which is more of a relief than anything - or one where you can take a brief and turn around a shortlist within a few hours of people you know, it always feels great to get something over the line and help someone in to a new job.  It’s particularly great when it’s a candidate who really needs the job and I like personally.

My other big reward comes from watching people develop and progress due to any amount of help I’ve been able to give.  I’d like to think I’ve helped a few people at least a little within their recruitment careers and I always enjoy other people succeeding

Do you have any advice to anybody thinking about joining PageGroup?

If you want a real career in recruitment rather than a stop-gap job then Michael Page could be for you.  You will need to work hard, push yourself and listen to the people around you who will always be trying to help - but in return you’ll have excellent progression opportunities, international relocation opportunities and great corporate “events”!