How did you get into recruitment?

I had just returned to the UK from a start in my career in sales and marketing in the fashion industry. I received a call at 8:30am (yes, recruiters start early!) for an introductory call from a Michael Page consultant from the Weybridge office. When asked what I was looking for, I shared my desire to work for an established reputable global business - a company and role that would best utilise my interpersonal skills, sales and marketing experience and a highly progressive working environment. It was safe to say that the local lighting business I was originally approached for, was not going to be an ideal fit, but the consultant was sure I would be a better fit as a recruiter! I wasn’t convinced initially, however a multitude of interviews later and having met the teams, I was assured that this was worth a shot.

When did you join Michael Page UK? Briefly tell us about your role there.

I joined Michael Page in March 2015 as a Consultant recruiting marketeers into the FMCG space. I progressed up to managing the permanent and interim FMCG Marketing team for the Southern Home Counties. I was an active Women@Page ambassador and Unity@Page advocate within the company and, a member of the Michael Page UK Shadow Board ‘20/21.

Why did you seek an international transfer and decide to relocate to Dubai to join our Middle East team?
I was an expat in the middle east during my childhood so had a very close affinity to the region. Alongside my personal ties to Dubai, from a career perspective it made perfect sense for me to seek out a new international challenge. I have always been of the mindset that there is far too much that the world has to offer to be rooted to one place, so this mindset has always pushed me to want to see and experience more. Sprinkle in Dubai’s incredible weather, zero tax on salary and a lifestyle of evening walks by the marina and weekend beach trips, it would have been foolish not to pursue.

How was the relocation process?

Simply put, it was seamless. My directors and manager in the UK were incredibly supportive of the move. I was referred to colleagues who had made similar transitions to ensure I had all the information I needed. Our UK-based Global Mobility Team sorted out all the formalities for me and all that was left for me to do was to leave the team in best shape and pack my bags and get in the right mind set for change!

Tell us about your current role and how you’re enjoying the new challenge of relocating and developing your career in a completely new region.

I continue to specialise in the FMCG space but focused on senior appointments in sales and marketing. It has been an incredible crossover, lots of change personally (I now live alone and have adopted a cat!) but also professionally. Whilst the principles of recruitment are the same, there are so many nuances that I have had to adapt to which has been really invigorating from a career perspective. It’s like learning it all over again but without the growth pain! Michael Page carries such incredible brand value here in the Middle East and our candidates and clients are extremely open to referring individuals within their network – this has been incredibly helpful for my transition into the market.