Why did you choose to intern at Michael Page?

Coming fresh out of university, I was looking for an internship that would force me to get out of my comfort zone from Day 1. My Michael Page internship promised to give the experience of interacting with candidates at different levels to obtain interesting insights on the current market. This would ultimately increase my awareness of the corporate world, resulting also in personal growth.

How did you benefit from your stint as an intern?

Interns are handed real responsibilities right from the get-go, and I was able to add real value to my team and to the entire experience. Apart from that, the constant training I was given from the Talent Development team and my mentors were top class - it helped me excel during my internship. I learned to be detailed and meticulous with documents - a great habit to pickup early in your career.

What would you tell someone considering an internship opportunity at Michael Page?

Michael Page has a reputation for placing a strong emphasis on the development of interns. The consultants working here are approachable which creates an extremely supportive work environment. You will leave with a strong sense of satisfaction and a better understanding of the corporate world.