Why did you choose to do your internship at Michael Page?

I met the HR team of Michael Page at my university career fair in 2016 and went through an assessment day with the Directors soon after. From what they shared, what appealed to me was that Michael Page was a DIFC-based company offering a corporate environment and a diverse workforce.

How did you benefit from your stint as an intern?

After meeting with several of the team members, I was selected and began my internship. At the time, I was looking for something meaningful that would add value to my professional life. In hindsight, this internship was a really good decision!

What would you tell someone considering an internship opportunity at Michael Page?

I was exposed to a buzzing work environment straightaway and worked closely with my manager on the B2B Sales desk. It was a brand new experience for me – speaking with candidates and handling official communication from time to time with clients. This helped me develop soft skills and pushed me to be more commercially-minded. Eventually, I got an extension to my internship and a chance to prove myself, before I was offered a full time opportunity.

Join us if you are not sure what direction you want to take your professional career towards. Of course, if you want to go into recruitment then there is no better place than Michael Page! The company offers the chance to develop your people skills, understand the market and become more aware. When you interact with candidates (who are usually mid-senior level) and clients potentially, the learning curve is steep.

You learn best practice of day-to-day office skills and can develop a strong work ethic if you take it seriously. Other than this, it is a lively environment in the office with a fairly young employee mix and friendly vibes.